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Humble Beginings

Southern Suburbs JRL was one of the foundation clubs of the Brisbane Junior Rugby League, playing in the U/15 to U/18 grades. The original home field was Davies Park, West End under the president of Col Bennett. For the next 20 years we played all of our Junior games at Davies Park.

In 1969 West End was becoming an old area for the Juniors to play, so the committee at that time decided to look at the Acacia Ridge area for Junior Football. They were granted a lease at Mortimer Road, Acacia Ridge. After a lot of hard work the fields were prepared for playing Rugby League. In 1970 we were playing Minor League at the field with the only ammenities we had were an old councils sewerage shed for change rooms and two outhouses for toilets. Junior Football was still played at Davies Park, and a lot of our junior sides still trained there. Under the direction of Jack Astill and the committee they could see the potential in the Acacia Ridge area and after a lot of planning the present club of Souths Juniors was built in 1976.

Over the years we have had a very successful junior to senior ranks, some of these players are : Gary Belcher, playing all of his junior football from U/7 to U/18. Bruce Astill, John Grant, Mal Meninga, Mitch Brennan, Brendan Hurst, Jason Smith and Chris White went on to play senior football for Qld and Australia. We also had coaching directors of the calibre of Wayne Bennett, Steve Glynn, Phil Hertz, Bruce Astill and Trevor Wendt. A lot of our older senior players have returned to the Juniors to coach our players and it is great to see a lot of our ex-players with their sons returning to play at Souths Juniors.

The stability of Souths Juniors is owed to the accumulation of many years of service to rugby league, this hopefully will be shown by securing a sound future fo many years to come.

Dedicated to the people who by their collective efforts made this club possible.

"We desire no future that will break our ties with the past".

These words are inscribed on a plaque of a painting that hangs proudly within the Souths Acacia Sporting Club. It depicts the first club house erected on Brandon Park in 1970.
Souths Juniors originally formed in 1951, the inaugural meeting was held at Davies Park, West End. That was our home ground until 1969 when a lease was finally secured for Land at this current site.

As an investment to the future, Souths Juniors purchased land at Algester in 1976. This was subsequently developed as a sports field and named Col Bennett Oval.

Souths Juniors employed their original Coaching Director for the 1981 football season. This original coaching director was none other than former Broncos coach, QRL State of Origin and Australian Coach, Wayne Bennett. During his term at the Juniors, Wayne developed and implemented his training and well documented skills program which was designed for the benefit of players and coaches alike. Souths have long been proud of their association with Wayne Bennett. His accomplishments have made him one of the most respected coaches in Rugby League history.

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